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Radiate is an charity events group and non-profit membership club.

We throw trips, parties, dinners, and other events. Any profits from these events goes to charities, and Radiate absorbs all risk associated with throwing those events.

More About Us

Radiate provides engaging, affordable, and unique events with great people and on behalf of great organizations. In many cases, Radiate provides charities with access to critical fundraising opportunities while absorbing all risk, thereby bootstrapping the marketing/fundraising efforts of smaller charities. Our events are about experiences and growth with future friends, not sales pitches and pick-up lines from strangers you'll never meet again. We're small, relaxed, international, and prioritize meaningfulness over profit.

Our Events

Our events include international travel, weekend tips, galas, dinners, parties, and charity events. Events are thrown at-cost, with any profits to going to charity.

Past Events
Holiday Partying in a Vintage Firehouse
Partying for Needy Animals
Go Kart Racing
Traveling through Marrakesh, Morocco
Cabin Partying in the Poconos
Axe Throwing
Exploring Puerto Rico
Dinner in Igloos at the Watergate
Fall Pumpkin Picking
Holiday Barhopping
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We seek adventurous, friendly, diverse, and ambitious people look to make meaningful connections with new friends and their local community. Membership is currently free.

About Membership

Radiate is selective, but inclusive. We seek the best, brightest, and friendliest from all walks of life to attend our events. Demographically, we are currently a diverse mix of twenty- and thirty-something adults in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles.

There are no requirements to attend Radiate events. That said, because of the nature of our events, members must be over 21, have sufficient disposable income to pay for our events, and must be of good moral character.

Radiate is not a networking organization, a resume booster, or a pay-to-play social club. Business cards should be left at home. Attendance is not a right: inactive and/or misbehaving attendees may be removed from our events/lists at any time.

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